Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Words, Italian curriculum for unschoolers

The beginnings of a new index page on Words. When I have the art done, I'll bring that too, but I'm working on a book this week, not on art.
(the photo is not the word art I plan to do; click it to see me in Wales)

Melissa Dietrick's curriculum, in Italian
Melissa is living in Italy, and has Italian-speaking children, and has shared what she created and translated for use there.


Anne said...

I adapted her curriculum to appropriately match my family and turned it in to the school officials here in our own "small, southern Italian village" and it has satisfied their request to see my curriculum. Yay for the internet!!!

Sandra Dodd said...

Very nice!!

There's something else new on the site, about record keeping, for those who might need it: