Monday, August 10, 2009

Mathematik (article in German)

This is a new announcement of something a year old, but that's fine. I only just knew about it recently.

I had a request to write about mathematics for a German magazine, and sent it off and didn't hear about it for a while. Apparently the paper copy went astray, that they sent, and I was waiting patiently. Or rather I was busily distracted and forgot about it. (upper right)
Those lead to links to the publication's website, and the German version in PDF. It was translated by Niki Lambrianidou.

I also have the book cover complete, and the book almost so, with help thusfar from Keith and Holly Dodd, Jill Parmer and Robin Bentley. Holly has done the cover layout. I took some of the photos, did some of the hand art, and she did the photoshop magic to make it whole.

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