Monday, October 20, 2008

Facets, Transcripts, Screaming

When Corn Grows Wild:

Gratuitious photo, of some corn from the birdseed that grew without attention, photographed on the hood of my car last week.

Jenny C / Jenstarc on what makes unschooling work (upper right)

Kelly Lovejoy, right under "transcripts":

"I want to scream!"
That was three years ago. I wonder if she's still screaming?

That last one's not new, but it's obscure and in cleaning up my "life" section (non-academic aspects of what will help unschooling work—the things kids learn that they would've learned at home anyway), I thought this one might be a good sample of the greater section, which is here:

There are many links out from that, and not all have been upgraded, but many have. I've tweaked and updated many pages this weekend, few of which were worth announcing, so I'll let that screaming about chores page represent the batch.

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