Friday, October 17, 2008

Always Learning, John Holt, Joyce Fetteroll

The images are the misshapen mulberry leaf from my back yard whose portrait lives at AlwaysLearning; Joyce meeting a prairie dog; Joyce and Kathryn and several Albuquerque bike-trail prairie dogs.

The Always Learning List has a new page on what it's about.

In summer, the description of that list was changed, and that's documented here:

Several of the John Holt pages have been dusted off and upgraded. Deb Lewis is the author of much of this, and John Holt of some of the rest:

Nobody Sees Backwards

Right and Left

Stress and Perception

A Life Worth Living

Because my "Joyce page" was linked in this month's issue of Parental Intelligence, I checked all the links and so it has that new-car smell (figuratively speaking)

More images of Joyce's recent New Mexico visit

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