Friday, February 24, 2006

Contents, Housework, Hannah Jenner

I've been working on the contents page. It will always be woefully
lacking, but it might lead you to some areas you hadn't seen lately
(or ever):
I plan to work on it some more later today.

There's something new and inspiring about housework and chores, at
the bottom of this page, written today by CelticFrau/Nancy B.

That's Hannah on the left.

Diana Jenner's daughter Hannah died this morning, February 24. She
was nine and a half and had leukemia. Her dad died five years ago,
of cancer.

There is a new page concerning the coordination of family assistance,
because it was thought there would be a couple of years of
chemotherapy. The page will remain for a while, as Diana and Hayden
will need support. There are photos of Hannah, in case some of you
met her at Live and Learn conferences near Boston or St. Louis.
the page is no longer up

Even those who don't know the family can benefit by remembering and
appreciating that we are with our children more than we might be in
other circumstances.

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