Wednesday, February 15, 2006

young kids, language, obsession, books

I'm sure all of these will be added to as time goes by.
Fun and Games with Language Arts
A place to send people who ask about "pre-school" and toddler aged kids.
This came up today, and gave me an excuse to link a couple of older bits.
What of a narrowly-focussed obsession or hobby? (I'd love additions for this.)
From a conversation a week or two back, about whether it hurts or helps to avoid babytalk, or to use more than one word for an object or idea.
I've saved a little file called "compost" for a long time, and got a reason to use it. There are links to other pages on "getting it."
Stories about the power and importance of books. A couple of the stories I've told repeatedly are written down. Partly bio, partly evidence for book worship and such.

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