Friday, January 17, 2014

Calm; and which is better: Refresh or restore?

New page, with a collection of Just Add Light on being calm:

And here's an older page:
How subtle can language considerations really get!?
Perhaps the most obscure page on my site. (No, it's not really.)

Important message to anyone who opens that page, or any page ever in your life:

If while you're reading you think "That's WORTHLESS!" then close the page, because to you it is worthless.
IF, while reading, you think that it's cool, or interesting, or it had never occurred to you, or you wish it had been longer, click some of the links, or google something up.

Each passageway can be an adventure, or you can turn and do something different.

(Leaving Hebrew poetry behind and zipping ahead a few thousand years,
down at the genius bar, "refresh" and "restore" mean very different things.)

Other obscure pages that mean nothing to some people, and much more to others:

Small-word beauty:

and a small-word problem (problems with "we"):