Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Being with your children in India, or Colombia, or wherever they are

This page isn't new, but wasn't announced when it was. Pushpa Ramachandran, in India, wrote something beautiful which I quoted in Just Add Light and Stir. Ana Paulina Maya, in Colombia, translated it to Spanish.

I was interviewed in Spanish on December 3, 2013, by Maria José Cifuentes, in Spain—the video has English and Spanish both, translated by Yvonne Laborda (Spain) and assisted by Ana Paulina Maya (Colombia). That video is here:

When I disappeared (I will reappear), it was because the electricity went off at my house! Bad timing. I ran around seeing if I could restore the circuit, but found it was not my fault. It came back on in about ten minutes, and the modem seemed to take forever to restore. :-)

There is more in Spanish on my site here: http://sandradodd.com/spanish.
I'm grateful to those who have translated their favorite quotes and articles.

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