Saturday, May 11, 2013

Minecraft, Inspiration, European tour, a Boxwood Tree

Beautiful account of love and learning, three paragraphs at the bottom of this page:

"Who inspired you?"  Summary of responses in an intro round at the ALL Unschooling Symposium in Minnesota, May 2013:

Update on European tour schedule! It's about to happen. I leave in two weeks.

One of my own early parenting inspirations, Lori Odhner, has expressed the wish to own a dogwood tree. That seems EASY! The difference in my life and marriage and relationship with my children that Lori made is HUGE compared to a tree. If any of you know Lori, or have reason to appreciate the help she gave me that I have passed on, take a peek at my project:

The photo is a link. It's also Holly (whose name is changing to Doozy), on some 1960's stairs in the middle of a three-level store that once sold lamps and electric lighting, and now is a thrift shop.

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I used to live in ABQ and recognize the picture on the top right side with a young blonde girl as the antique store I fancied on Rt 66 next to Nob Hill! Oh, how I loved that place! My husband and I have been homeschooling for two years. I think it is all still quite unnecessary and think I need to know more about unschooling. I live in MD and don't know what our state requires, like a portfolio. I would think that would take away all of the regimented routine that unschooling would provide. I'd appreciate your help! Thanks!

Sandra Dodd said...

That's a great store building, isn't it? "-)

The best resource these days for understanding unschooling is Pam Laricchia's introductory series.

Find other unschoolers in Maryland and ask how it works there.

Because you've found this site, you already have access to my own site. There's a list of local resources here: