Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New interview, new resources

A blog I keep with others (who rarely-to-never post) is
Homeschool News and Muse

There are links to things there in the recent past that aren't on my site, but they're well worth visiting and using!!

Two interviews by me on a blog in India:
Mommy Labs interviews of Sandra Dodd

Also in India, a video by Hema Bharadwaj [whose family has visited my house for the Monkeyplatter Festival (not FOR that, but it was created for their visit)] and whom I visited in 2012. She's talking about food, and brags up my food page with feeling:
Hema Bharadwaj on food choices Hema's Food Chronicles Part 1

Pam Laricchia has big news on her Living Joyfully site—a newsletter and an introduction-to-unschooling series.
Living Joyfully Newsletter

On the blog Zenhabits, Leo Babauta wrote a really nice intro to unschooling last week:
Beginner's Guide to Unschooling

I rarely post to that other blog. It's saved for news items and "outside" articles. But this week has been busy, busy, busy in a wonderful way for unschoolers!

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