Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Appearances" and opportunities in person

June 30, I'm speaking for a full day in Leiden, the Netherlands.

July 15, I'm speaking for a full day in Ashford, Surrey, UK

August 3-5, I'll speak each day at least once at the HSC conference in Sacramento (Pam Sorooshian, too, and maybe others who are on this list)

October 14-18, Florida, with Holly Dodd, speaking with me once.
Keith will be there too, but not speaking.)
There are only 10 days to get the early bird registration for the first Florida
Unschooling Conference- Un in the Sun! Rates go up on July 1st!
The Florida Unschooling Conference | Un in the Sun
Florida Unschooling Conference – Un in the Sun!
October 14 – 18, 2012 Treasure Island Florida

December 27-29, Albuquerque (with several people from this discussion!)

2013 will have

Minnesota (in April with Jill Parmer and Alex Polikowsky)
Lisbon (May, with Joyce Fetteroll and Marta Borges Pires)
Selkirk, Scotland (with Joyce Fetteroll and Julie Daniel)
Probably near London again with Joyce Fetteroll
(possibly other places too, but I'm listing the most committed)
In fall, two or three cities in Australia with Joyce Fetteroll and Schuyler Waynforth
Yes, but in 2014, March and early April.

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