Tuesday, January 31, 2012


For the first time in a long time, I rearranged my index page:
I moved the SCA stuff elsewhere (link at the bottom of the middle section) and put a remote feed to Just Add Light and Stir, which will update itself every day. Otherwise, it's about the same.

I've moved notifications of speaking to its own blog. Some of the links are to other blogs, but that's because some events are run by others, in other languages, and because I'm really enjoying having a blog particular to international trips, so I can keep my photos and exciting news there.
Planned talks in the next two years (some more solid than others): MA, NJ-maybe, OR, France, Scotland, The Netherlands, England, CA, FL, NM, Portugal, Spain, CA-maybe, Australia, India.

Because other people's webpages disappear, I'm starting to try to save any translation of my writings (or Joyce's, or Pam's, or others of that ilk) that I come across. I have collections in six languages, with hints or promises of a few more. French, particularly, is really ratcheting up. There will be some Portuguese translations created in preparation for June 2013 (Joyce is going there with me).

The page for that is called "translation":

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