Monday, July 18, 2011

New search function, Wednesday chats

I came to pass the hat, the collection basket, the international-coins jar.

The search function quit working on my site, and delivered an irritating error message if people tried to use it, trying to blame them and their computer. What happened, I think, was that Google custom search changed over a year ago and I didn't notice. Without a working custom search, my error message and my search page were worthless.

The new options were to have advertisements, or to pay $100 for a clean search page. I paid. It occurred to me that some of you who have used and appreciated my site and its search functions might be willing to help me with that unexpected cost.

Another slighter expense is the chatroom. I took off the time I was in Europe, and intended to pick up the Monday and Friday chats in August, but looking at the calendar, one mid-week chat would be better for me, and I will start Wednesday chats this week. The chatroom costs by usage, and is $15 every few months. (It would be free if I didn't mind strangers wandering in, or having advertisements pop in on us.) UPDATE November 2011; it's $12+ a month.

If it would make my begging any more effective, my birthday is near. OH! Rather I should say it's nearly Learn Nothing Day!

Donations may be made by PayPal to or by paper (check) to the address at I vow to use all money received for the purpose of providing access to an expanding flow of unschooling information.

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