Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recordings available from the HSC site, $7 each

Two talks I gave in August 2010 at the HSC conference are available for download. Both were well received in person, and weren't available until last month. I forgot to link them here.

Unschooling: How to Screw it Up
Michelangelo said that to carve his statue of David, he just chipped away everything that didn't look like David. Or maybe he didn't say that. But clearly that's what he ultimately did. Here will be ideas to help you chip away what doesn't look like unschooling. It's not as difficult as you might think.

Partnerships and Teams in the Family
Seeing and avoiding adversarial relationships. Nurturing partnerships with spouses or significant others, and with our children.

These are $7 each. I was supposed to get freebies, but I finally gave up and went and bought them, so I can advise you on how to work the site.

You will need to register, before or after your order. They'll send a password by e-mail. It took my money and offered to let me print out a receipt, but never said "Okay! Here are your files!" An e-mail arrived later with links. I'm too impatient. So I went back into the site, checked my account, clicked "FILES" and there were the downloadable files. Without a download button. Click the name of the file. It won't tell you it's downloading, but it will be. If you click it six times (as I discovered) it will download six copies.

Go back and click "file."

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