Thursday, December 16, 2010

Video clip and interview reminders

3Storyfilms put a very short clip, less than a minute, of a long interview with me and Kirby. I hope to see more of what Kirby said someday. "Sandra Dodd talks about the differences between school, education and learning"
At the end it's nearly cut off but I said "...separate a person from the world."

Note to interviewers: Don't put me on a deep, comfy couch. I need to sit up!

Here are two recent interviews that I failed to link on my site until today, though they had been announced on this blog earlier. One is print and the other is audio.

"An unschooling surprise: Sandra Dodd is in the house!", by Kim Houssenloge in Australia, November 2010.
Now linked at, righthand column

Amy Childs' "Interview with Sandra Dodd," on, October 11, 2010.
You can listen to a 20 minute version, a 40 minute version, or download the MP3.
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