Tuesday, July 4, 2006

typical day, female-lead, peace and books

There's a new story on typical days (upper right) involving glowsticks in the hot tub. It's nice.

New female videogame lead sent by someone who happened by.

New on http://sandradodd.com/peacefulparenting

From the UnschoolingDiscussion list

Sandra Dodd: Some mom reading here might look up and smile at her child, or touch his head softly, or turn off the computer and go watch him build with Lego, or go with him to the park to throw a frisbee for the dog. Maybe without this list she would've told him to just go do something else because she had to fix dinner.

AmyLS: I'd just like to say that the cumulative effect of reading this message board has been much like Sandra said. Saying 'sure!' when my youngest one asked if we could get the Chocolate Lucky Charms, getting up when my kids say 'Hey Mum, look at this...' (instead of...'hold on, I'm doing something'). The insights and vignettes on this board have been very valuable to my family... good writing!

Not central to unschooling, but as sub-info for the Books page

Medieval books and online books
(Those I'll just add to as I come across good things, and if any of you have favorites, please write!)

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