Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Priorities, Principles, TV, Breathing

Something new by Joyce Fetteroll, at the bottom of a page you might not have seen at all (or lately):

Principles (It's not just another word for "rules"!)

Direct effects of watching television (new writing by Deb Lewis, at the bottom):
and that reminds me of Jacki's daughter Hannah's experience, in the box at right on this page:
TV, Learning, Choices and FOOD—How Unschoolers Watch TV
If the photo has been used before, it deserves to be seen again!

Two things on breathing:

Schuyler Waynforth's account of learning, in Japan when her children were very young, the value of learning to calm herself:
http://sandradodd.com/breathing (bottom of the page)
and the transcript of a chat on breathing

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