Saturday, December 12, 2009

Outside Links and inside news

My site is linked and I'm quoted in an article which I think is in Chinese, with the English line by line. Leo Babauta:教育需要彻底改变"
If someone can read that enough to leave a note below about whether the site is more about education or economics or what, and to confirm that it's Chinese and maybe let us know where it's from, that would be interesting and useful!

And so from that I found the original they were translating. It was at in August 2009: Education Needs to Be Turned on Its Head

I added a new quote to the random quotes generator:
Start with love and respect and all the good things follow—it is not magic, and it is a lot of hard work especially at the beginning. —Marina DeLuca-Howard
Quotes storage is here:
and the random generator is in the upper right corner here:

There are many more David Bowie fans than there are unschoolers, and here's my evidence:
My site usually gets between 1000 and 2000 visits per day ( in general, I mean, and most of that to the unschooling pages). One day last week I got 90,096 hits. That's because a blog called Letters of Note had picked up my David Bowie letter

Those first few that look like zeroes, on this scale, are 1240, 1334, 1142, 1596, 2339 (up a bit when the Letters of Note post first went up) but numbers like that don't show when the graph scale moves up to the tens of thousands. Interesting.

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