Sunday, October 11, 2009

labels (not), being calm, and "have to"

Another mom has articulated why it helped to stop thinking of her child as a label, and start to look at the cool things he could do.

I put it at the link above, though I considered here:

Once again I've started two trails. It happens.

Schuyler Waynforth wrote a post I've put on parenting peacefully (third down on the left)
but I also put quotes and links back to it on the pages on breathing, spanking and moments rather than days:

I have cleaned up what might be the most important page on my site. (Sometimes other pages seem the most important, I know, but this is an important one.)
There were some formatting problems and a few little typos and it's better now.

The photos are by Holly, of Diana's dog Buddha (and one self-portrait-with-dog), taken this week.

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