Saturday, September 19, 2009

Positive and negative feedback

To recent bits added, without names, to

On the plus side...


I'm writing because I always wanted to write a fan letter :). I saw you in San Diego, and I saw you in Albuquerque. I have your books, and I've read a lot of what you've written online. I rarely read any list but Always Learning. And honest to God, I am grateful every day for you for sharing your life.

I have three daughters... and none of them ever had to go to school. One of the reasons they've been spared is because of you. Thank you.

But I really wanted to tell you that everyone in my family came in contact with at least one of your kids in some way in San Diego, and all of us were impressed. My oldest... told me that Marty was so funny, and Holly impressed my husband when she showed up at baby dolls and played with the littles, and Kirby knocked my socks off when he heard me talking about facebook. He said (and I'm paraphrasing), "I'll be your friend. Not on facebook. I'll just be your friend." Your children are so warm and sweet. And I loved seeing what my children have in store for them.

Thank you for making a difference....
...and the minus: Note added September 28:

A paragraph has been removed, following seven e-mails by its author, whose name I had neither saved nor remembered, demanding that I remove it. I won't name her name, but I'll save a few words from the post, not in order, not in phrases [lest she want to publish it someday, as she said she might (to help persuade me that I was violating her copyright)].

whackjobs (unschoolers), condescending, narrowminded, snobby, arrogant (of my website and the Always Learning list)

I hope it was a change of mind, remorse and contrition that caused the writer to want those words removed. I hope her child has a happy life, at least as happy as those "narrowminded whackjobs" pictured below.

As to arrogance, it's confidence.

Some new pages are coming in a day or two. Here are all the Dodds and the Sorooshians, in a photo by Dan Vilter, from the Good Vibrations Conference last weekend. Click it for another one (both enlargeable from that other site).

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What a bunch of beloved beautiful people. :)