Sunday, June 14, 2009

Help needed with a project

Lee Stranahan who, with his wife Lauren, performed the technical wizardry that made Peaceful Parenting and some of my other talks available to hear free, has been interviewing me quite a bit, and Holly some, and plans to interview Broc and Brenna (maybe Gail and Logan) later this month, and who has personal family experience to share, is creating a DVD about unschooling but needs starter funding. Click that box for more details.

That's their daughter, Olivia, in the photo.

Some of the things the Stranahans have already made available to unschoolers on my site:

Here's more by and about Lee Stranahan:

Thanks for considering this!


Stephanie said...

Hey Sandra,
I was adding this to my blog and noticed the typo. It says Unshooling not Unschooling.

Sandra Dodd said...

There's better art. That first one with the error needs to be removed by one of the site owners. Lee sent better art. Thanks for reminding me I didn't have the newest one here! (I'm changing it, and you could lift that for your blog if you want to; thanks.)

Stephanie said...

Got it, thanks!