Monday, May 25, 2009

Seeing without labels, natural reading, "chop wood"

Michelle Thedaker wrote about the change unschooling is making in the way she sees her son.

The reading page has been cleaned up a bit. The older the page, the more likely it is to have no margins or other formatting left over from when I was just first learning. I still have a lot to learn about web pages, but this one is "new improved."

I guess the definition of "my site" needs to be expanded to include some of my blogs, which makes sense. They're just more interactive pages where you can leave messages directly! The video I've put here reminds me of the wood splitting opportunity there will be at the Santa Fe symposium (SUSS). (Keith will provide hatchets and axes, and will advise and serve as safety officer.) There's a new post there, too:

I changed the videos on my main page
and started a videos page here:

THANK YOU again, Lee Stranahan, for your interest in these ideas and for what you're able to do with artistry and technology!

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