Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lists of good ideas

The ABCs of Unschooling, by Mary Gold
It's not new, but it's refurbished, and might be new to you!

Principles of Unschooling, by Pam Sorooshian
It's not new, but it's new on my site.

Deb Lewis's list of Things to Do in the Winter
It's not new at all, but it's nearly winter and there are lots of people who haven't seen it.

"MOVIES AS A PLAYGROUND, as tools, as portals
...sharing movies with our kids"
Not brand new, lately updated, and has lists galore!
(That Heath Ledger example was given a couple of years ago. I was thinking of the connection between "10 Things I Hate About You" and "The Patriot," which isn't the Civil War at all, but there are way more movies about the U.S. Civil War than about the American Revolution, though the recent mini-series on John Adams parallels it without many battle scenes.)

Wishlists for Unschoolers
Maybe you have the need to give a gift to an unschooling family, and that has ideas!

Gifts for Guys to Buy
"Some people are just not cut out to cruise the Barbie aisles. Luckily there are alternatives and you were probably going there anyway...." Not a new article, one of my oldest, pre-webpages, so it's here for being obscure and not often dusted off and brought to light.

[Gratuitous snow photos from some other year]

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