Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yes, and Winning Images

Jenny C. wrote something about saying "yes" which has been added here:
(to the left of "My Favorite Word," the green box)

Winners of the Learn Nothing Day image contest

Animal: Mark, at greenraven.blogspot
Mineral: Flo Gascon and Camille Lavallee at sumbthucker.blogspot
Vegetable: Anza Firetail at deviantart
Video: MD and Alex Polikowsky at YouTube

More information is here:


Babette said...

They are great. Dang it. How did I miss the contest? I even forgot to learn nothing that day, although I had it all over my desktop. I think it was my anniversary and we were too busy having fun. Does that count?

Sandra Dodd said...

Kim, Happy Anniversary! That's way better than a vain attempt at learning nothing. Good marriages are the best thing for unschooling.