Monday, July 21, 2008

Dads, Obsession, Sleeping

I've added some blogs of unschooling dads here:
If any of you know of others that might be added, please let me know. Thanks.

Focus, Obsessions, Hobbies
Page updated, new title art by Holly (not hand done this time, but something she knows how to do that I don't.)

Because of KT's Learn Nothing Day post, I added photos of her kids to this page:
If you click them you can see her original post, which leads to Learn Nothing Day, which leads to a long list...

Well here:
which has a growing list of sites and blogs with a link to Learn Nothing Day, which is only two or three days away (two and a half at my house while I write this, and maybe two if you read it Tuesday morning). There's a lot of reading to be had on those links!

The Learn Nothing Day contest has some entries in, and I figure other images will be made on the day itself and sent afterwards. My plan is to have the entries gathered and available for viewing by the 28th, and winners announced by the 31st.

Thank you all for your interest in my own personal obsession!

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