Friday, May 16, 2008

Addams Family, "Doddian," Allowance, Movies

First part of the first episode of The Addams Family is quite an unschooling extravaganza, and I had just the place to put it!

"Doddian"—I've become a footnote AND an adjective. Cool!!
Read the solution essay, too.
has links to his essays easily found from my site.

Allowance never had its own page before. Now it does.

On the movies page I'm adding lists of movies that might be good for discussing relationships. There are three lists:
relationships between younger children, between older children, and between children and adults. They're in the righthand column.

There's some more positive feedback, some in Spanish, and I put the most fun negative feedback I ever got on its own page, because of language (use of "the f word," in reference to MY LIST! How shocked should I be? Yeah, not very...).

I've been spending lots of time outside in my gardenYARD, in case I seem to be less productive online lately, but most of you are probably busy outside too and didn't even notice! (It can't be "garden" for not having rows of food (I have decided). Maybe a flower garden, but nah... yard.)

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