Saturday, March 15, 2008

dads, times tables, math (and a typical day)

This is a problem: "dads, times tables, math"

It's misleading. None of those three had anything to do with either of the other two. Fun, huh?

I left them there because that's the order in which I added the links to draft, but seriously, they're unrelated.

And so, to the links:

new bits and clean-up on the dads page

new stories about multiplication (the scary "times tables"), and some
older stories moved from a more obscure page to this guessable-link page

The Return of Linda Wyatt! (with updates, for the front page of the
math section, which has always featured Linda's writing)

There's a new "Typical Days" account, in photos:
(Those are Amanda's girls to the right.)

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