Saturday, January 5, 2008

Walls, connections, feedback

Walls, as a new topic.

Here's how "walls" got there: I wanted to see if there's been any commentary "out there" about a radio interview I did lately, so I went to look. Didn't find any, but found some mentions of me or quotes on other people's sites and blogs. I collected a few to put here, on the feedback page.

One of those had a very cool set of photos about The Great Wall of Target. I didn't save it, but the most powerful tool I've ever used, Google, found it for me again when I read something about a bass guitar line on a Rolling Stones song and remembered I hadn't posted to the topics blog for over a week.

I went to the list of topics Deb had recommended, and one was "walls," and so there it all came together!


Susan Harwood said...


My name is Susan Harwood.

I'm contacting people who list ‘unschooling’ as an interest on their 'blogger's profile'.

I have a new blog called


It is concerned with the environment, building, architecture, politics and education.

It can be found at

It is in its very early stages just yet - so comments will be especially welcome!

Yours sincerely

Susan Harwood

Sandra Dodd said...

Interesting idea, but opening it up internationally this way might cause it to be more about geographical differences than you intended.

It has a sweet beginning, that blog.

Susan Harwood said...

Dear Sandra

Thank you for your interesting comments on my blog SHOUTING AT THE RADIO.

About international differences . . . and sheds . . . I wasn't sure whether to reply on your blog or mine . . . so I'm doing it on both . . . !

Below is a copy of what I said 'over there'.

, , , , ,

When I began thinking about this blog, I wondered whether it would make sense outside England.

Even within the U.K. approaches to education vary between its constituent countries. The British pre-occupation with energy comsumption isn't shared everywhere. The kind of buildings we have inherited and the kind of architecture we may develop clearly are, and have to be, different - depending on location and climate. I don't even know how many countries away from here have had cellars!

But, having thought about it, rather hesitantly, I dropped a few notes to bloggers around the world.

And I'm glad I did - because here, already, you have left a couple of very interesting comments.

Except for the catch phrase 'There's something nasty in the woodshed' - (from the novel 'Cold Comfort Farm' and which I read so long ago I can no longer remember whether there really was ever anything nasty in there) I have only ever had warm thoughts about sheds.

The thought that a shed might be seen as a place of punishment rather than a place of retreat and work and shelter gives me a kind of horror.

. . . And makes me glad I let you know about this blog - because already you have brought in a different perspective.

Thank you.