Thursday, June 14, 2007

change, attitude, subjects and respect

Susan, on UnschoolingBasics reported very clearly a day on which she
changed, and her perspective changed. (fourth thing down, I think)

Attitude and Unschooling
This is another of those pages I made and forgot about, and didn't
link to my main page (I have now), so I added the third column of
links (including "change," the one above this one) and ta-daa!

The page isn't new, but some of the links had been put in blank, on
speculation and hope I would eventually create them all. They've
existed for a while, but I had forgotten to go and fill in the
blanks. All workable now!

Respect (and kids who are aggressive and seem difficult)
I've added some very wise advice Robyn Coburn gave to a mom who said
her five-year-old son was becoming "aggressive and mean."

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