Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Getting it, and the state comes to call

There's a new piece, short but sweet, on the "Getting It" page, and I
thought it would be a good page to bring to light in general:


Last week when I was super-busy with other things anyway, I got a
letter (left on the wrong house, but I got it) from the State of New
Mexico department of Children Youth and Families. You might imagine
how thrilled I was not. I figured I was finally going to be called
on to defend my homeschooling or something along those lines. It was
something completely different, though, and I documented it here:

http://sandradodd.blogspot.com/2007/05/control-and-jealous- craziness.html

The background post is here:

Although it's not at all a classic unschooling essay or anything, I
think there are things there to make one consider the benefits of
living a life of open trustfulness (or of fearful negativity, but why
spread it around more than necessary?).


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