Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Parenting Resource of the Month"

The Natural Child Project Parenting Site of the MonthEach month for the past ten years, The Natural Child Project has named a resource of the month. Beginning tomorrow, my unschooling pages will be featured. The first resource named was La Leche League, in April 1997. Last year Rue Kream's book was featured in February, and Joyce Fetteroll was "Miss October" (as it were ). Last year the AlwaysUnschooled list and the magazine Live Free Learn Free were also featured. It was a big year for unschooling! I find myself in excellent company, and am glad Jan Hunt likes my site enough to share it out with her readers. Most of her letter is below. I don't know when her review will be up, but I'll put a link here when it is:


Hi Sandra,

We have selected Radical Unschooling for our February 2007 "Parenting Resource of the Month" feature. A review will be posted at Our site receives about 250,000 visitors per month.

We'll place a link on the Natural Child Project home page at , and will note this selection in the February issue of our email newsletter, which currently over 5000 subscribers. Previous issues can be read at .

[then there was some stuff about how to link and get the graphics...]

Congratulations and thank you for providing such an inspiring and enlightened resource!

Best wishes,

Jan Hunt, M.Sc., Director
The Natural Child Project

"Change the world - nurture a child."

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