Sunday, April 2, 2006

Robyn Coburn, reading and vegetables
Links to some of Robyn Coburn's writings
Two illustrations and an link added to a page about my kids learning to read
Also about reading, sort of (spelling, word histories), there are additions on the etymology page at the bottom.
New story there:

Holly has had braces since she was twelve years old. She's fourteen and they come off next month. On her Myspace page she has posted this:
Things to do when I get my braces off:
1. Have corn on the cob like all the time
2. Go to Shoney's and get like a ton of gum from their really cool 25¢ gum machine
3. Eat carrots until my skin turns orange
She doesn't chew gum much at all; never has. But she's frugal, and to spend a quarter to see that big gumball roller coaster work when she can't even eat the gum seems wrong to her. She has definitely been missing carrots, and grated carrots just aren't the same for her.—Sandra

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