Saturday, November 16, 2019

Becoming an unschooler; Rescued Archives (x3)

New writing on Becoming an Unschooler, at the bottom of this cleaned-up and rearranged page:

Archives of three groups have been rescued and ensconced on my site, by Vlad Gurdiga who knows how to do it, and did.
Yahoogroups will not keep archives, starting soon.
Always Learning is archived in two places now (having been moved to, with its archive) but two other dormant groups' archives are here now:

I was never on Unschooling Basics, but one of the founders used to send me quotes and posts to put on my site. It will be good to be able to change the links, as I come to them, to the new archive. Unschooling Discussion was given to Joyce to own and rename after the owner of unschooling-dotcom got tired of it.

photo (a link) by Ester Siroky

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