Thursday, April 9, 2020

University, Young Children, (avoiding) Indignation

Story of me (at 18) getting my younger sister into a state university, added up top.
Additional update on Pam Sorooshian's daughters, all of whom have masters' degrees now, at the bottom.

Rearrangement and clean-up of the page on young children:
I moved the list of ideas from a sidebar to the top of the page,but they came out of the chat below that. In between I collected some resources and links people mentioned or set afterward.

Addition, commentary and brief section of the film "Harvey," near the top of

photo (a link) by Nicole Kenyon

Monday, March 23, 2020

Unschooling works; Antagonism; What?

"Unschooling works," an article from 2002, and a bit of update, with links to other older writings.

Avoiding Antagonism (Us vs. Them), and avoid accepting or believing things in batches.

What does this have to do with unschooling? A poop question and less poopy answers:

photo (a link) by Nina Haley

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Structure, connections, unschooling is...,

Text of the first page of the book Moving a Puddle, about the structure of unschooling days.

Addition to connections, writing by Jen Keefe, right under the Pacman dots.

Clarity and purpose, while looking at what unschooling is:

photo (a link) by Janine Davies

Thursday, March 19, 2020

50/50; Happiness Inside and Out; Stages

Why 50/50 is a problem (new page)

"Happiness Inside and Out"—addition of some indicators of where things are in the recording, and link to a partial transcript

Stages of Unschooling—directory page, with an excerpt from The Big Book of Unschooling

photo (a link) by Lydia Koltai

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

"We," Voices, Food/Control,

Brief, new, wherein "we have had tantrums" (said the mom, of a reaction to a punishment she provided)

Addition (third item, something from 2004) to "Voices in your Head"

Long, interesting, from 2013, about food, control, negativity and its effects, and a demo of resistance to help.
"What problems can come?"

photo (a link) by Jen Keefe

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Balance (food), tooth care, slogans

How does it balance out? Additional story, and a good image is showing that had not before

Three collections of questions, answers, ideas and links about tooth care, links updated, format spruced up:

Slogans—when a phrase can be a rallying cry, or a point of irritating confusion.

photo (a link) by Vlad Gurdiga

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Bonding, Principles, French

Family Bonding, recording, image, and transcript, of an episode of The Unschooling Life Podcast, now has a page on my site: and at YouTube.

That led to some corrections and additions at the page on Principles.

The French language and translation pages have been stabilized and improved!

For eight months, I couldn't even open the admin area there, or all the "special characters" (French letters and punctuation) would have turned to question marks, in the code. Other problems caused some titles and art not to show. Now, thanks to the generous volunteer assistance of Vlad Gurdiga, a dad from Always Learning, the site was moved. He found a platform that could support its quirks and antiquity, and set up a back-stage editing area for me there. Now I've touched every French page (I hope).

photo (a link) by Sarah Elizabeth

Monday, January 20, 2020

Joy, Helping kids get along, "Chemicals"

Not new, but never announced before — more about Joy, with a coloring page:

New writing, a list of ways to help kids get along better, by Cass Kotrba, second large item:

The avoidance of chemicals can't happen, so how can we live peacefully? Jen Keefe knows. Below the strawberries:

photo (a link) by Sobia Itwaru

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