Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sugar-high, unschooling search,

New page on the damaging myth of "sugar high":

New search tool, which searches,, Danielle Conger's "Connections ezine," Joyfully Rejoycing and my site:

Later note: Abandoned again. It's okay.
The old site had decayed and then found its demise, but I was given the name and the keys and it's being remodelled here:
My original hope had been to mine the message board for the good parts, and I did get some, but folders were mysteriously disappearing though the settings said they should remain. It was dismaying. But here's an opportunity to have a general resource site for different kinds of unschooling in one place, perhaps, depending who contributes and volunteers.

Not all the pages are working yet, and I'm not in a huge hurry, but did want to keep all the thousands of links out there from hitting a dead end.

Anyone interested in helping or keeping up with the progress should subscribe to this yahoo group:

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