Thursday, December 31, 2009

Turning Down Sweets

Another shocking but true tale of children turning down sweets:
Nancy, righthand column.
That's one of the coolest pages on the site.

Kate O'Mara's review of my Big Book of Unschooling

I've changed the index page of my site, a bit. Newer photos; more than one. Better link to the books.

There's a new link on the TV page:
(to Is "I Love Lucy" Educational? by Jan Hunt, The Natural Child Project)

The Santa Fe Unschooling Symposium was really fun, and tiring. There are photos here, and might be more eventually:
Kirby took that photo of me (top right) there.

Two things not fully about unschooling, but I can justify listing them:

More on the letter David Bowie wrote me in 1967, including a bit about Holly (which she considers to be a misquote or a bad angle on what she said:

and an interesting connection (small-world shock) about my little pump organ:
(a block of notes near the bottom)

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