Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cleanup in the Curriculum Aisle; Teens & Parents

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I've touched up the "Curriculum Page."
Some of the links had failed, and the Italian page hadn't been linked here.

"My kids are whole and full and so is my life BECAUSE of how we live it!"
Jenny Cyphers wrote something beautiful about teens' relationships to parents.
I added the account to the page on "How are they as people" in the teens section of my site:

The photo is the dresser Holly bought at a thrift store and painted last week. She's living in Oregon for a while, and within a year, if plans hold, she'll have lived a while in Ashford, Surrey and then west of Montreal, in Quebec a while, all with unschooling families.


helene mcneill said...

Awesome gorgeous dresser. Kudos to Holly. Beautiful, colorful and creative (much like Holly). Ashford is a fabulous place, I think she'll really like it. There use to be a fun hang-out for artists called Daddy-0's that she might enjoy visiting. We miss Holly --


Idzie Desmarais said...

LOVE the dresser! And Bea is living in a beautiful area, so it should be nice for Holly to explore. :-)