Sunday, February 24, 2008

criticism, defense, gradual change and marginal unschooling

...and a great definition of unschooling, and something new on morning glories.

Those who read AlwaysLearning have already seen it.
I was criticized and defended.

A reminder about making gradual changes (new page)

What isn't unschooling? (new page)

The best summary of unschooling I've ever seen, added to the right here:

A video (I didn't make it) of how morning glories twine, added here (thanks, Rue!)

I realize I've had lots of updates in the past week. It won't last. For a while, I was only working on SCA pages. I'm going to Arizona on the weekend to speak in Tempe ( for a few days I won't be online at all. Don't be afraid that I'll send this many updates all the time.

The photo is by Holly. She put it on my MySpace.

Thanks for reading!


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