Saturday, May 11, 2013

Minecraft, Inspiration, European tour, a Boxwood Tree

Beautiful account of love and learning, three paragraphs at the bottom of this page:

"Who inspired you?"  Summary of responses in an intro round at the ALL Unschooling Symposium in Minnesota, May 2013:

Update on European tour schedule! It's about to happen. I leave in two weeks.

One of my own early parenting inspirations, Lori Odhner, has expressed the wish to own a dogwood tree. That seems EASY! The difference in my life and marriage and relationship with my children that Lori made is HUGE compared to a tree. If any of you know Lori, or have reason to appreciate the help she gave me that I have passed on, take a peek at my project:

The photo is a link. It's also Holly (whose name is changing to Doozy), on some 1960's stairs in the middle of a three-level store that once sold lamps and electric lighting, and now is a thrift shop.

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