Saturday, May 29, 2010

Movies, teens, service, ACE Festival

More movies that remind an unschooler of unschooling:
Anne Mills list, at the bottom (and other lists you might not have seen lately, or ever)

Something by Lyla Wolfenstein:
"a message to parents of teens: the illusion of control - a fairy tale of truthful proportions"

This isn't new, but it is obscure and still interesting. When I put Lyla's piece up, I cleaned up a few corners and bits of the teen pages. What I did mention in a discussion at the time, but didn't mention on the page, is that someone who professionally worked with teenaged employees through a school program was very impressed with Kirby (not knowing he hadn't ever gone to school; that would have made a difference to her opinion, I think, but I don't know what kind of difference).

Something about service, by Vanessa, right-hand column here:

In early 2011, January 7-10, a home-ed family with a five year old boy will be visiting in Albuquerque, and others are invited to come and hang out. The first of the details are here:
It won't be a conference with a site and speakers, but an opportunity to meet others informally.

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