Monday, July 27, 2009

clear to "Yes", chat, The Big Book Back Cover

Amy Kidwell let me quote her on my yes page, but there wasn't a good place for her quote where it couldn't get lost, and so this is what the Yes page looks like now:

CHATS, and I'll list today's as a sample, but there are two a week, and could be more if there were enough interest.
The chatroom password is goodidea
and the chatroom itself is

also known as "too early Tuesday chat" in some parts of the world, and as ten-to-midnight-chat in the U.K.

Maybe this time if there aren't pressing needs, I'd like to talk about the more serious core of unschooling—how it works, and what the principles are.

Two hours, beginning:

Pacific: 2:00 pm Monday
Mountain: 3:00 pm
Central: 4:00 pm
Eastern: 5:00 pm
England: 10:00 pm Monday

Pune, India: 2:30 am Tuesday

Naranara, NSW: 7:00 am Tuesday

New Zealand: 9:00 am Tuesday

The back cover of the book is finished; Holly made it and sent it to me.

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