Monday, October 29, 2007

wishlists, teens, lyrics link

Unschoolers' Coming-Out Parties:
Wishlists for Unschoolers, by Sandra Dodd
New title by Holly, re-formatted. This was one my oldest pages and wasn't so easy to read.

Teens, a new title by Holly

Lyrics Game, new link/art on a few pages (top left) (top right) (near the bottom)
(my art on that one, with some tricks Holly taught me)

I've updated the speaking page (conferences) some. It was also one of the first few pages I ever made, and I know more now.
It's not pretty, but it's more for reference than reading. Mostly it's my own record of where I've spoken. I have a scrap book, kind of, where I keep my speaker's badge and the program, but it filled up and now it's a notebook and a little pile.

Sandra, Monday morning, Halloween week!

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