Saturday, January 17, 2009

Manga/anime fans, FamilyRUN.ning and

This entry is not about news of my personal website, but of some resources you might want to check out.

Joyce Fetteroll has created Otaku Unschoolers:
Love anime and manga? Curious? Confused? Come meet other unschoolers :-) For kids and adults and parents of kids who love it.
Members: 24
Latest Activity: Oct. 23, 2008

Laura B's project:

Visit Radical Unschoolers Network

Radical Unschoolers Network: a network for radical unschooling families
This format is especially good for those who like to see photos of people's kids, and to be able to check back for details on where they live and how long they've been unschooling and such. You can go there for serious discussions, or just to send little chit-chatty messages to other unschoolers. Here's my page:

This one is my project:
I've been given the keys to Unschooling.Info. People had gotten busy otherwhere, and it was turning into a kinda spooky ghost town, but it's being revived, and I invite you to visit and contribute to a discussion or create a new topic!

My New Year's Resolution was to participate more on Family RUN.ning and, and to ask others to help me to help other unschoolers by giving five minutes a day over what you're already doing to comment on posts, or to follow blogs and encourage new unschoolers, or something to help unschooling to thrive in other families.

If you're not already following blogs, I have a collection here:

Thank you for your interest in unschooling!

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Cindy said...

I believe Joyce's anime group can now be found in the groups section of RUN.ning

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